Common Stove Top Issues

You never realize how much you rely on an appliance like your stove top until it breaks down. When issues arise with a stove top, it can be a frustrating experience. By performing routine inspections of your stove top and detecting problem signs early, you can ensure your stove top is ready for you to use whenever you need it.

At Comfort Appliance, we help people just like you in Atlanta, Covington, and surrounding cities with expert stove top repair and cooktop repair on most major brands like Bosch, GE, LG, Samsung, and more. We know our way around a stove top — read on for a list of the most common stove top issues we see and what you can do to address them.

Gas Burners Won’t Ignite

Typically, when you go to ignite a burner, you turn the knob to the proper position and after hearing a few clicks of the ignition switch and a slight smell of gas, the burner ignites. If you hear a clicking sound but do not smell any gas, there may be a problem with the gas supply line. If on the other hand you smell gas but don’t hear a clicking sound, the problem may be with the ignitor switch.

Homeowners can turn their appliance off, check the burner entry points of loose food, and look for any sign of loose wires and components. When it comes to fixing ignition issues, inexperienced homeowners can engage in some light investigation. However, if the issue is not immediately apparent, contacting a Covington cooktop repair expert like Comfort Appliance is definitely the preferred course of action.

Burner is Heating Too Slowly

Gas burners that produce a low, weak flame even when turned to high heat may be suffering from a clog around the source of the flame. Sometimes, a thorough cleaning with a baking soda and vinegar mixture may be enough to fix the issue. If it persists, homeowners should contact a qualified local stove top repair specialist like Comfort Appliance.

If an electric burner is heating slowly, first test to see if any other burners are heating appropriately. If all burners are malfunctioning in a similar fashion, the issue is likely due to an electrical component within the appliance and warrants the attention of a professional.

If your electric range uses metal coils and only one coil isn’t heating properly, a professional stove top repair specialist will try checking the connection between the coil and the appliance, as a loose connection can cause inadequate heating. If that doesn’t fix the issue, they will try inserting the problem coil in a different burner location. If the coil fails where other coils are heating properly, it’s a sign that you likely need a new burner coil, which the professionals at Comfort Appliance can help you with.

Induction Element Not Heating

Induction cooking uses electric currents to directly heat pots and pans via magnetic induction. Both the base of the range and specially designed cookware have a magnetic base. As high-frequency alternating current (AC) passes through an electromagnet on the base of the range to the pan, the heat created cooks the food in the pan.

When an induction stove top element isn’t heating, first check to ensure the pan you are using is compatible with the range. Only ferromagnetic pans will work. If you have ensured the cookware is appropriate and the range still isn’t heating as intended, consultation with an appliance repair specialist is recommended.

Gas Range Keeps Clicking

If something is blocking a stove top burner, it can create a prolonged clicking sound. Check to ensure the burner cap is correctly in place and the burner holes are free of any debris. If clicking persists, the issue may be due to excess moisture that has become trapped in the stove top. Try wiping down the stove top or using a fan to dry the cooking surface for a while, to eliminate any excess water or other liquid.

Stove top issues can be caused by a number of different things, depending on the heating element and fuel source. Ensuring your stove top is cleaned and well-maintained can help prevent issues down the line. Although inexperienced homeowners may be able to fix some issues, it’s never a bad idea to consult a stove top repair expert like our team at Comfort Appliance. We help appliance owners across greater Covington with expert stove top repair on all major brands. Give us a call today to get started.