4 Common Washer Issues & How to Fix Them

Most American homeowners rely on their home washing machine and use it often. From cleaning all types of sweaty and dirty clothes to quickly managing spills and stains, a washing machine is a major convenience for most families. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without this handy household appliance.

If your washing machine isn’t working as well as it should — or isn’t working at all — you need an effective and efficient repair. Comfort Appliance is your resource for expert washing machine repair in Covington, Atlanta, and all surrounding communities. We get calls all the time from appliance owners looking for help with their washing machines and have truly seen it all, though washing machine issues tend to fall into certain categories.

Here are some of the most common washing machine issues we see and suggestions for at-home solutions you can try. Of course, you can always contact Comfort Appliance to help with your washing machine repair.

A washing machine that won’t drain. If your washing machine won’t drain, there may be a blockage somewhere in the drainage system. A professional can come take a look at all the connected parts to determine if this is the case and, if so, remove the blockage. Another issue that could cause a machine to hold water is a malfunctioning drain pump or a drain hose that is not adequately connected to the drain pump. All of these issues are best diagnosed by a professional.

A DIY fix you can try is using less laundry detergent. Using too much laundry detergent can actually cause your machine to drain less effectively; a little goes a long way!

A washing machine that either stops running or does not run at all. If your machine stops in the middle of a cycle, the issue might be with the door latch. Check to see if the door is latching completely. If your washing machine is older, the latch may appear to be working but actually be worn down. If the issue is with the door latch, Comfort Appliance can help you source and install a new part.

A washing machine stopping mid cycle or not turning on may also be caused by knobs that are not correctly aligned. Try adjusting your knob settings slightly to see if that solves your problem.

If your washing machine does not turn on at all, first check to ensure the machine is plugged in and that the electrical outlet you’re using is working. If not, check to make sure a breaker hasn’t flipped. If that’s not the case and the electrical outlet still won’t work, contact an electrician to take a look.

A washing machine that makes a strange sound or rocking motion. If your washing machine is rocking and rolling, the machine is likely off balance. Try using shims and/or a piece of plywood under the machine to balance it out before running another test cycle. You can also try removing some of the clothes in a load or unloading and reloading to rebalance the machine.

If your washing machine is making a strange noise, the issue may be with the tub bearings, in which case you will want to call in a professional washing machine repair company like Comfort Appliance.

Spin cycle issues. The spin cycle is the grand finale of a wash cycle, spinning the clothes to remove as much excess water as possible. A spin cycle that doesn’t effectively remove water results in soaking wet clothes that may overload your dryer. If this is the case with your machine, the motor that runs the spin cycle may need to be repaired or replaced. The spin cycle may also be interrupted due to a worn down or broken lid/door switch, worn down or broken belt, or another malfunctioning part. Call an expert to help you diagnose the issue with your spin cycle and help source the correct replacement part.

One DIY tip: be careful never to load your washing machine more than 75% full. This will ensure the machine doesn’t have to work too hard to complete a cycle, wearing out parts in the process. Putting a reasonable number of items in the washing machine basis will also balance out the machine and allow it to be more efficient and effective.

No matter the issue with your washing machine, Comfort Appliance can help. We know washing machines inside and out and proudly help appliance owners in the greater Covington area with washing machine repair in Atlanta on most major brands, including Haier, GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Maytag, and more.