The 10 Most Common Freezer Repairs

Image of a variety of ice cream flavors in a commercial freezer case.A well-maintained freezer is an integral part of any home and can help keep your food fresh and full of flavor. However, like any appliance, freezers have their share of issues that require repairs.

At Comfort Appliance Freezer Repair in Covington, we’ve seen it all when it comes to freezer issues. Here are the ten most common freezer repairs we see:

  1. The freezer isn’t cooling properly: This could be due to worn or faulty parts such as thermostats or compressors, or problems with your power supply.
  2. Water is leaking from the freezer: Check for broken seals around door hinges or a clogged defrost drain – both can cause water to leak from the bottom of your freezer.
  3. The freezer door won’t close: If something is blocking the door from closing properly it may be causing a gap that affects the sealing process. Also, check for worn-out gaskets or loose screws in the hinges that can affect how tightly shut the door stays closed.
  4. The freezer is making strange noises: Loud rattling, buzzing, and humming sounds coming from your freezer signal a problem with motors or fans, which often require professional attention to sort out.
  5. There’s ice buildup on the inside of the freezer: This can happen when warm air enters through a gap in the door seal or if there’s not enough circulation inside due to too much stuff stored in there at once – both of which should be fairly easy fixes (if you feel comfortable doing it yourself).
  6. The freezer is too cold or not cold enough: Check your temperature settings and adjust them accordingly to get back up to optimal fridge freezing temperatures (0°F). If this doesn’t solve it you might need to replace some components like a thermostat or compressor motor depending on what type and model of fridge you own – consult a technician for advice on this issue if you’re unsure about doing it yourself!
  7. The ice maker isn’t working or making ice cubes that are too small: A faulty solenoid valve could be causing this issue so check for any blockages in there first before replacing it (it’s usually located behind the back panel). Also, make sure you fill up with enough clean water so that it has adequate pressure for proper freezing – otherwise you’ll end up with smaller than usual cubes!
  8. Frozen food is stuck to the shelves or walls: If your shelves aren’t lined with wire baskets then they may have built-up frost that needs scraping off every few weeks; otherwise, check for blocked vents as they can also cause frozen food buildup in these areas over time (make sure these are clear!). Lastly, check if there’s too much moisture inside – invest in some desiccant packs if necessary as they help reduce humidity levels inside fridges/freezers quite effectively!
  9. The freezer light isn’t working: Usually, this just means there’s a blown fuse somewhere, but if you don’t know how to fix this then best call a technician who does!
  10. There’s a strange smell coming from the freezer: Quickly identify where it’s coming from by using some baking soda; put it into shallow dishes at different levels within your fridge/freezer then sniff around until you find where it’s strongest – this could indicate mold growth which needs professional cleaning out ASAP!

Should you DIY Freezer Repair?

Not all appliance repairs need calling in professional technicians but certain tasks are better left in their hands as they have the specialized knowledge and tools necessary for getting things done right the first time without risking further damage down line – particularly when dealing with electrical faults! If you think something requires more technical effort than what DIY tutorials online offer then go ahead and contact Comfort Appliance today who’ll provide reliable service and peace of mind when sorting out any kind of fridge/freezer repair job needed at home.

How to Find a Freezer Repair Company in Your Area

Black and white image of an overstuffed home freezerWhen looking for local refrigerator repair companies, make sure they’re licensed and certified professionals who specialize in whatever kind of model you own because different makes/models require different methods of fixing them up when things go wrong. After finding several options compare prices/services offered before deciding on one so as to get good value for money spent while ensuring quality work is done quickly and efficiently. Finally, always ask around friends/family who had similar services done recently so they can give an honest review on whether they were pleased overall by what was provided- after all word-of-mouth speaks volumes when choosing reputable service providers.

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