The Most Common Home Appliance Repair Calls we Get

The Most Common Home Appliance Repairs | Comfort ApplianceFrom broken ovens to leaking refrigerators, home appliances often need repairs to keep them running smoothly. The most common repairs include fixing a loud dishwasher, repairing a clogged garbage disposal, and replacing a broken refrigerator light bulb. Knowing how to identify these common issues and when to call in the pros can save you hassle, time and money in the long run.

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Common dishwasher problems can range from a bad seal or gasket to clogged filters, broken parts, and even electrical issues. For example, leaking is usually caused by the door seal not being properly attached to the dishwasher frame. Another common problem is poor cleaning performance, which can be attributed to old detergent, clogged arm nozzles and spray jets, or worn-out parts like the motor and pump assembly. Malfunctions in the control panel are also frequent issues that require specialized technical assistance. Finally, electrical issues such as burnt out motors or other faulty wiring should always be handled by a professional technician in order to avoid any unforeseen damage. Click here for dishwasher repair in Covington.


Common refrigerator problems can include things like a broken light bulb, an overworked condenser motor, a blocked drain line, or a malfunctioning ice maker. In some cases, the temperature in the fridge may be too warm or too cold which often indicates inadequate insulation in the door seal. If you notice any water leaks inside the refrigerator or puddles on the floor outside of it, this could mean there might be an issue with your plumbing system. Additionally, if your food is not staying cool enough or is spoiling faster than normal, this could indicate problems with the evaporator fan motor or compressor. To avoid additional damage to your appliance and ensure that it operates properly over time, contacting a professional repairman is advisable. Click here for refrigerator repair in Atlanta.

Washing Machines

Common washing machine problems can include things like a broken agitator, worn-out door seals, leaking hoses, and clogged drains. If your washer is not spinning or draining properly, that could be a sign of an issue with the belt or pump. Additionally, if you hear loud noises or your clothes are coming out of the wash still wet, this could mean there is something wrong with its drum. Washing machines need to be monitored for any kind of wear-and-tear as it is one of the more common issues homeowners face when dealing with laundry appliances. To keep your washing machine operating smoothly long term, make sure to perform regular maintenance on it and contact a professional repairman if any major issues arise. Click here for washing machine repair in Atlanta.

Should you DIY Appliance Repair?

Speaking with an appliance repair specialist before opting for DIY solutions is always recommended when dealing with any major appliances in your home. All appliances involve your home’s electrical system and several are also connected to plumbing. DIY appliance repair can put you in a position where you impact other areas of your home or even endanger yourself.

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